Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2017 Stall Holders

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Drix ProductionsDrix ProductionsDrix ProductionsDrix ProductionsUnique handmade jewellery and art.
MasktasticMasktasticMasktasticMasktasticHello welcome to Masktastic! I make mainly leather masks/apparel, but I will also dabble in other craft pieces people might be interested in
Hoshi KouHoshi KouHoshi KouHoshi KouAspiring artist looking to become fulltime illustrator inspired by manga and Japanese woodcut as well as tattoo design and cute things. uses both traditional and digital mediums.
Black Candy Alternative FashionBlack Candy Alternative FashionBlack Candy Alternative FashionBlack Candy Alternative FashionGothic and alternative fashion.
RyuuzaRyuuzaRyuuzaRyuuzaRyuuza - illustrator, animator and instructional designer Giuseppa Barresi.
Sakura SparklesSakura SparklesSakura SparklesEverything in Reinbo Neko is designed or hand-made to create unique pieces to make you feel special. Reinbo Neko began in 2014 and is based in Manchester, UK.
TopNotchy Tee DesignTopNotchy Tee DesignTopNotchy Tee DesignTopNotchy Tee DesignI'm a UK based artist who likes to mash up pop culture icons to create unholy terrors you can wear on a t-shirt.
Kraken KrittersKraken KrittersKraken KrittersKraken Kritters
Avalon Gift ShopAvalon Gift ShopAvalon Gift ShopAvalon Gift ShopAvalon Gift Shop
Steampunk JunkiesSteampunk JunkiesSteampunk JunkiesSteampunk JunkiesThe project started in order to offer an alternative solution to promote, display and sell steampunk goods. We both believed that even if the steampunk movement is not based on profit, it was still a domain where people build a ton of great art, pieces, stuff... and of course some other people who are looking to collect, buy, or search for products.
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