Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7 Activities

  • Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7 Activities
  • Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7 Activities
  • Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7 Activities
  • Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7 Activities
  • Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7 Activities

The Main Hall

Our Main Room is the Big Hall at Magna Science Adventure Centre, which is a huge convention hall and will be the main focus of our convention.

The room will be split into 3 sections. To the left when you enter will be our quieter area with a food court, Celebrity signers area and a few photo opportunities. The middle section will be our trader area which has over 100 trade tables filled with geeky goodies for your browsing leisure. Finally the right hand side will be our stage area where we will have our very own DJ Tony blasting out all your favourite J-POP, K-POP and English music in addition to the other stage activities.

Live performances
Tengu School of Taiko will be opening the convention with their Yokai Demon Drummers performance. As well as this we have a live Marshal Arts Demonstration from Seven Hill Ju Jitsu Academy which will be based off Bleach and Assassins Creed. A Live performance from Youtube sensation Kelsey Ellison and another from Scarlett Young will also be on stage during the day.We also have a Jedi Academy where children will be able to train as a Jedi and fight the infamous Star Wars Villain Darth Vader. The Team from Vampire Wars will also be previewing their upcoming game as well as a live performance of their newly release single.

  1. Costume / Cosplay Contest
  2. Talent Contest Entries
  3. Program Art (Design a Cover Image for Our Program)
  4. Photo Contest
All contest winners will be announced on the day. Click on the contest above to sign up now places are limited and are filling up fast.

Room A - Children's Activity Room

The Children's Activity Room is right next to the box office

In this room we will have activities provided by Magical Memories Princess Parties. We will have 4 princess on the day and they will be providing activities for children and photo opportunities for all through out the day. Our princess will be based in this room, however due to high demand they will be mingling around the other rooms of the convention.

Room B - Gaming Room

The Gaming room is next to the entrance to the Big Hall's Corridor and the Lego Display will be right outside.

Beat the Pro Gamer!
Do you have what it take’s to BEAT Jack Storey AKA The Slow Sniper? He will be taking on all challengers at Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7 to see if anyone can really beat him.

Video Games by Mashashy
Mashashy will be bring her nerd army with some new and old video game console for every to play and enjoy.

Bring your hand-held’s for more gaming action!
Bring your DS, 3DS, PS Vita and more for some one to one gaming goodness – this is your chance to battle and trade Pokemon as well as get Street Pass hits and even exchange friend codes. Make the most of ‘linking’ up.

Room C - Card/Role Play Gaming Room

The Card/Role Play Gaming Room is the door on the left straight opposite the Gaming Room.

Patriot Games who is based in Sheffield and specializes in Role-Play, Board Games, War Games, Card and collectable Card Games will be attending Yorkshire Coslay Con with not only a stall but will be running a variety of card game activities as well as hop in role-play gaming sessions. So this is your opportunity to play against your friends or trade cards.

Room D - Activity Room

The Activity Room is the door on the right straight opposite the Gaming Room.

Japanese Taiko Drumming Workshop
Learn to play the awesome Taiko drums in a fun and energetic way! Tengu School of Taiko will be going through the basics and some simple patterns to play, which will result in the class playing a full piece by the end of the workshop.

Seven Hills Ju Jitsu Academy
Seven Hills Ju Jitsu Academy holding a self defence workshop with the aim of teaching basic self defence to anyone interested for FREE at Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7!

Room E - Panel Room

The Panel room is the first door on the right after you have passed through the doors to the corridor to the main hall.

In here we will have a selection of panel through out the day.

Room F - Workshop Room

The Workshop room is the second door on the right after you have passed through the doors to the corridor to the main hall.

In the Workshop Room we will have 4 workshops

This is your chance to make quirky candles and bath bombs with Jujutreats. After the success with our sushi rolls at Yorkshire Cosplay Con 6 there are new workshops including Tardis and ice cream beeswax candles.

Blue Fayt
Blue Fayt will be hosting a tutorial on how to draw in anime style. They will be going through the basics and teaching you a few tricks.

Little Betty Horror
They will be basic teaching on all kinds of jewellery making principles, along with the chance to make something of your own.

Katie White Art
Katie White will be teaching you how to draw in her own cute style

General Activities

As well as all this we have Free Face Painting for everyone Subject to time and availability. Our face painter will be located close to the main entrance. Also at the main entrance we will have our Lego Display. 78 square metres of Lego Goodness will greet our guests as soon as they enter the convention.

Outside the main entrance we will have a variety of Star Cars, from Transformers Bumble Bee and Barricade to Lightning McQueen from Cars. Roaming around the venue will be a variety of Daleks looking to 'exterminate' anyone that gets in their way. We have professional Replica Costumers on the day, available for photos. We have everything from Iron Man to Darth Vader and Stormtroopers and they will be wondering around the event.